Training runs

Official 2016 training program

The 2016 training run program is shown below. Official group runs are held on Sundays.

  • Sunday training runs will be coordinated by Glenn Pacé and Patricia Jensen and occasionally by other race committee members.
  • There will likely be runners in a variety of pace groups on each run.
  • All runs are subject to change due to unforseen circumstances such as a high snowpack, construction, special events, etc.
  • Please check the website or our Facebook group page on the morning of the run for last minute updates.
  • Use the Feedback Form to send questions to the Training Run Coordinators.


DateRun TimeRouteMeeting PlaceMeeting Time
May 12-3 hrsGrouse to Moun­tain High­way returnGrouse Mtn.8:00 am
May 83-4 hrsGrouse to Lynn Canyon return Grouse Mtn.8:00 am
May 153-4 hrsGrouse to Mtn. Hwy up to GrouseGrouse Mtn.8:00 am
May 223-4 hrsCleve­land Dam to Cypress and returnCleveland Dam7:30 am
May 293-4 hrsCleveland Dam to Panorama ParkPanorama Park parking lot in Deep Cove7:30 am
June 54-6 hrsFirst half, plus (start to Grouse Mtn. parking, then return to Cleveland Dam)Cleveland Dam7:30 am
June 124-6 hrsCypress Cross Country ticket booth to Hollyburn Ranger Station and Deep CovePanorama Park park­ing lot in Deep Cove7:30 am
June 184-5 hrsTrail Work Day on BPHyannis Drive8:45 am
June 194-7 hrsFirst three-quarters (Nelson Canyon Park to Lynn Canyon)Lynn Canyon Park (gravel lot to left of the park's gate)7:30 am
June 263-4 hrsFirst half (start to Cleveland Dam)Cleveland Dam7:30 am
July 32-3 hsLast quarter (Lynn Canyon to Deep Cove)Panorama Park park­ing lot in Deep Cove7:30 am
July 94:39-10 hrsRace day - Horse­shoe Bay (Nelson Canyon Park) to Deep CoveNelson Canyon Park6:00 am

What to bring

  • 2 water bottles minimum! Fanny packs or hand held bottles are the usual.
  • Food-energy bars, energy gels, bagels, candy, etc.
  • Optimistic attitude, trail fit bodies and a sense of direction.
  • Change of clothes.
  • Money for cab or treat (for the training coordinators).

Meeting places

  • Cleveland Dam – On the left going up Nancy Green Way, just past the Cleveland Dam Fish Hatchery.
  • Deep Cove – Panorama Park parking lot, Deep Cove. Driving directions to the park are at the bottom of the Drop Bag and Bus Transportation pagePlease note the parking resrictions in the Panorama Park area.
  • Grouse Mtn. – Top of Nancy Green Way in North Vancouver. Meet in the lower Grouse Mtn. parking lot.
  • Lynn Canyon Park – Lynn Canyon Park’s gravel parking lot to left of the park’s gate. Park is off Lynn Canyon Road in North Vancouver. Look for the signs on the right.
  • Nelson Canyon Park – Go here for directions to Nelson Canyon Park trailhead (race start line).



Unofficial Training Runs

Starting in April, a series of unofficial training runs will be held on Wednesday nights. Information about these runs can be viewed here.

Training Run Reports