Training runs

Official 2015 training program

Below is this year’s schedule for the training run program. Official group runs are held on Sundays.

  • Sunday training runs will be coordinated by Glenn Pacé and Patricia Jensen.
  • There will likely be runners in a variety of pace groups on each run.
  • All runs are subject to change due to unforseen circumstances. eg. snow conditions, construction, special events, etc.
  • Please check the website or our Facebook group page on the morning of the run for last minute updates.
  • Use the Feedback Form to send questions to the Training Run Coordinators.
Good luck in training.


DateRun TimeRouteMeeting PlaceMeeting Time
May 32-3 hrsGrouse to Moun­tain High­way returnGrouse Mtn.8:00 am
May 103-4 hrsGrouse to Lynn Canyon return Grouse Mtn.8:00 am
May 173-4 hrsGrouse to Mtn. Hwy up to GrouseGrouse Mtn.8:00 am
May 243-4 hrsCleve­land Dam to Cypress and returnCleveland Dam7:30 am
May 313-4 hrsCleve­land Dam to Panorama ParkPanorama Park parking lot in Deep Cove7:30 am
June 74-6 hrsDeep Cove to St George's Bench and returnPanorama Park parking lot in Deep Cove7:30 am
June 144-6 hrsCypress Cross Country ticket booth to Hollyburn Ranger Station and Deep CovePanorama Park park­ing lot in Deep Cove7:30 am
June 204-5 hrsTrail Work Day on BPTBA8:45 am
June 214-7 hrsFirst three-quarters (Nelson Canyon Park to Lynn Canyon)Lynn Canyon7:30 am
June 283-4 hrsFirst half (start to Cleveland Dam)Cleveland Dam7:30 am
July 52-3 hsLast quarter (Lynn Canyon to Deep Cove)Panorama Park park­ing lot in Deep Cove7:30 am
July 114:39-10 hrsRace day - Horse­shoe Bay (Nelson Canyon Park) to Deep CoveNelson Canyon Park6:00 am

What to bring

  • 2 water bottles minimum! Fanny packs or hand held bottles are the usual.
  • Food-energy bars, energy gels, bagels, candy, etc.
  • Optimistic attitude, trail fit bodies and a sense of direction.
  • Change of clothes.
  • Money for cab or treat (for the training coordinators).

Meeting places

  • Cleveland Dam – On the left going up Nancy Green Way, just past the Fish Hatchery.
  • Deep Cove – Panorama Park parking lot, Deep Cove. Driving directions to Panorama Park are at the bottom of the Drop Bag and Bus Transportation page.
  • Grouse Mtn. – Top of Nancy Green Way in North Vancouver. Meet in the lower unpaved Grouse Mtn. Parking lot to avoid paying for parking.
  • Lynn Canyon – Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge parking lot – off Lynn Canyon Rd., North Vancouver. Look for the signs on the right.
  • Nelson Canyon Park – Go here for directions to Nelson Canyon Park trailhead (race start line).



Unofficial Training Runs

Starting in April, a series of unofficial training runs will be held on Wednesday nights. Information about these runs can be viewed here.

Training Run Reports