Thank you to Rod Hatfull

As we head full swing into 2013, I want to take a few min­utes to sin­cerely thank Rod Hat­full for his count­less vol­un­teer hours and 13 years on the Knee Knacker com­mit­tee. Rod’s decided to step down from the com­mit­tee this year, but he’ll con­tinue to be around and involved lead­ing up to race day. I am already going through with­drawal, but Rod assures me we’ll all be fine :)

Rod’s first Knee Knacker was in 1995 (he’s done 9), and he got involved in the train­ing runs in 1998. Rod’s first offi­cial year on the com­mit­tee was in 1999, so he’s second only to Enzo as longest serv­ing com­mit­tee member. With Enzo, Ken, Paul, Mike & me as RDs during this time, Rod has been a big part of the con­ti­nu­ity and his­tory of our race.

I will miss Rod’s awe­some sense of humour, care, deep knowl­edge and will­ing­ness to jump in how­ever needed.

As you run by the Race in Progress signs this year, think of Rod making each one of these by hand — a small exam­ple of Rod’s huge con­tri­bu­tion over the last 13 years.

Please join me in thank­ing Rod.


At a Sunday training run (2010) Photography session in bright colours Finisher (2006) Cleveland Dam, 2008

Rod and Molly at Lottery Night