Thank you to Rod Hatfull

As we head full swing into 2013, I want to take a few minutes to sincerely thank Rod Hatfull for his countless volunteer hours and 13 years on the Knee Knacker committee. Rod’s decided to step down from the committee this year, but he’ll continue to be around and involved leading up to race day. I am already going through withdrawal, but Rod assures me we’ll all be fine 🙂

Rod’s first Knee Knacker was in 1995 (he’s done 9), and he got involved in the training runs in 1998. Rod’s first official year on the committee was in 1999, so he’s second only to Enzo as longest serving committee member. With Enzo, Ken, Paul, Mike & me as RDs during this time, Rod has been a big part of the continuity and history of our race.

I will miss Rod’s awesome sense of humour, care, deep knowledge and willingness to jump in however needed.

As you run by the Race in Progress signs this year, think of Rod making each one of these by hand – a small example of Rod’s huge contribution over the last 13 years.

Please join me in thanking Rod.


At a Sunday training run (2010) Photography session in bright colours Finisher (2006) Cleveland Dam, 2008

Rod and Molly at Lottery Night