We need you!

Vol­un­teers like you are what makes the Knee Knacker a big suc­cess. On race day, we need about 200 high-energy, eager (and maybe over-caffeinated!) early risers to pull it all off and help get the run­ners across the finish line. All the vol­un­teer duties and loca­tions are shown below, so please look it over and sign up!

As a volunteer:

  • Please review the list of avail­able posi­tions (below), then sign up using the Vol­un­teer Signup form.
  • You will receive a com­mem­o­ra­tive t-shirt and a ticket to the Knee Knacker banquet.
  • Please spec­ify your t-shirt size (unisex) when you sign up.
  • If you sign up after May 1, we cannot guar­an­tee the t-shirt size.
  • We prefer to assign you to your requested duty and loca­tion, but we reserve the right to put you in another area based on our needs and pri­or­i­ties. (Of course, we’ll check with you first.)

Aid Sta­tionBlack Moun­tain
Aid Sta­tionCleve­land Dam
Aid Sta­tionCypress
Aid Sta­tionHolly­burn
Aid Sta­tionHyan­nis
Aid Sta­tionLil­looet
Aid Sta­tionLower Sey­mour Con­ser­va­tion Reserve (LSCR)
Aid Sta­tionMoun­tain Highway
Aid Sta­tionMount Sey­mour Road
Aid Sta­tionPanorama
Aid Sta­tionSky­line
Mar­shallBlack Mt / Cabin Lake
Mar­shallHolly­burn Mt.
Mar­shallHolly­burn chute
Mar­shallBon­ny­muir Drive (near Stephens Drive)
Mar­shallBon­ny­muir Drive (near Keith’s corner)
Mar­shallBritish Prop­er­ties
Mar­shallCleve­land Dam
Mar­shallGrouse Mt.
Mar­shallSky­line shortcut
Mar­shallLower Sey­mour Con­ser­va­tion Reserve (LSCR) Varley Trail 8:30am-11:30am
Mar­shallLower Sey­mour Con­ser­va­tion Reserve (LSCR) Varley Trail 11am-1:30pm
Mar­shallLynn Canyon Sus­pen­sion Bridge
Mar­shallLower Sey­mour Con­ser­va­tion Reserve (LSCR) sus­pen­sion bridge cut-off 9:30am-2pm
Mar­shallLower Sey­mour Con­ser­va­tion Reserve (LSCR) sus­pen­sion bridge cut-off 11:30am-1:30pm
Mar­shallLil­looet Road
Mar­shallIndian River Road 10am-1:30pm
Mar­shallIndian River Road 1pm-4:30pm
Mar­shallPanorama Drive 10am-1:15pm
Mar­shallPanorama Drive 1pm-4pm
Mar­shallHolly­burn snow patrol (only in high snow­pack years)
Pho­tog­ra­phyStart Line
Pho­tog­ra­phyCleve­land DamFilled
Pho­tog­ra­phyLower Sey­mour Con­ser­va­tion Reserve (LSCR)
Pho­tog­ra­phyFinish LineFilled
Pho­tog­ra­phyPark­gate Com­mu­nity Centre ban­quet slideshow and certificates
Pre-sweepFirst half
Pre-sweepSecond half
Post-sweepFirst quar­ter
Post-sweepSecond quar­ter
Post-sweepThird quar­ter
Post-sweepFourth quar­ter
TimerCleve­land Dam
TimerLower Sey­mour Con­ser­va­tion Reserve (LSCR)
TimerPanorama Park
Trans­port — gearCourse
Trans­port — suppliesCourse