Training Run – May 24

Last Half – 24 km

 Our run on Sunday was another suc­cess with another great day of weather. It’s not always like this but we’ll take it for sure. Well over 50 people attended, espe­cially if you count the others we saw on the trail going in var­i­ous direc­tions that I know for sure are also in train­ing for the Knee Knacker. And I have to add that it’s very nice when run­ning into others on the trail that are just out for a stroll and they are very aware of our event. They know the chal­lenge and they have encour­ag­ing words. Very nice and the aware­ness seems to grow more every year. Maybe they know that all of our event pro­ceeds hap­pily go to sup­port North Shore Rescue.


We did the car­pool thing from Deep Cove to Cleve­land Dam so we could expe­ri­ence the full Last Half of the course (about 24 km). I hope every­one felt like that was some­what easy. Because when you add the first half to that, well, it’s a bit harder than you might think to put it all together. And I have a little more advice for those of you that are con­cerned about your time on race day and maybe haven’t done the race before. It’s a long way. Okay, that’s not the advice, that’s a fact. The advice is, make sure you don’t waste any­time at aid sta­tions and milling about vis­it­ing with onlook­ers. If you feel you might be a bit close with your fin­ish­ing time you need to real­ize that dawdling along the way can cost you valu­able time when you add it all up. That isn’t to say a good steady pace won’t get you there in less than 10 hours but you need to put that together with focus and determination.


I got to run most of the way on Sunday with friend Car­olyn so we had a chance to catch up on news of the past few months. Her hus­band Neil was out there as well. He was run­ning with Phil and after a while we had a sneaky sus­pi­cion Neil was trying to avoid us by run­ning fast. It worked but not nec­es­sar­ily to his advan­tage accord­ing to Car­olyn. And, Car­olyn, thanks for remind­ing me about the poten­tial of bears on race day, yeesh. (Neil and Car­olyn are off to Scot­land soon for the 153km West High­land Way Race on June 21 – good luck to both of you!)


It’s reminder time again. Next Sat­ur­day, May 30, is our Trail Work Party. I hope to have the details momen­tar­ily and we’ll post them on the web site and likely send out an email blast as well. This is a great way to have fun, give back and also get your vol­un­teer hours. Coffee and treats pro­vided by Delany’s.


And please remem­ber to find at least one vol­un­teer for race day on July 11 and have them check out the list of spots still avail­able on the vol­un­teer page at the Knee Knacker web site. Very Impor­tant!


We fin­ished our run into Deep Cove while making our way through the mean­der­ing masses of day hikers. This is pretty much what it will be like on race day except that lots of them will be cheer­ing you on. Make the most of it because it’s worth the price of admission.


See you next Sunday at our new meet­ing time of 7:30 am at Cleve­land Dam for a run up Holly­burn Moun­tain. There is no require­ment to go all the way to Cypress Bowl (on the snow) but if you have an adven­tur­ous group then it’s a great chal­lenge. See you there.


Craig Moore

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