Training Run — May 17

Grouse Moun­tain to Moun­tain Hwy up to Grouse, 18+ km

Make sure you bring an extra layer with you as the tem­per­a­ture can vary between 6 to 10 degrees colder at the top of the moun­tain”… my words of cau­tion on what started out as a high-cloud morn­ing at the Grouse Moun­tain park­ing lot. It seems that every year that we run this par­tic­u­lar route a few are sur­prised at the tem­per­a­ture vari­a­tion from the park­ing lot to the top of Grouse … espe­cially on the upper reaches of Moun­tain High­way as we wind through the walls of rem­nant winter snow. Con­sid­er­ing the fact that we had some fresh snow­fall only a couple days prior, I didn’t think my words of warn­ing would be much of a surprise.

What was a real sur­prise, how­ever, was the fact that the clouds burned off, the temps went up, and the snow as a temp­ta­tion to cool the legs after almost 2 ½ hours of climbing.

Having done this train­ing runs more times than I care to remem­ber, I knew that the best strat­egy was to sidle up to one of the 65 run­ners that showed up for this train­ing ses­sion & wile away the time story-telling. When I saw Mike and Rob in the group I knew that there would be high enter­tain­ment value … you often hear Craig and I ask you to pair up as you run … mostly it’s to keep people from get­ting lost or for­got­ten, but, the real ben­e­fit is the cama­raderie that makes this the core of our run­ning com­mu­nity. Mike had attempted to run a brutal 300 mile race in the Yukon last Feb­ru­ary and Rob had trained with him exten­sively. Lis­ten­ing to their sto­ries from the pre­vi­ous year made the miles fly by and in a weird way it made the Knee Knacker seem almost normal. Almost.

When we reached the top of the moun­tain many took the time to soak up the sun and relax on a pad of grass. A few opted to take the tram down, and a few took to run­ning down the BCMC trail. Despite the snow in the first sec­tion, the trail was rel­a­tively dry and we only encoun­tered a hand­ful of people head­ing upward. Before long, I was back at my car at the moun­tain base and won­der­ing what on earth had pos­sessed me to run that entire thing with a wind­breaker tied around my waist??!! Of course, next year will be different.


Because of a con­flict with another event, we are switch­ing the next two train­ing runs as follows:


May 24 Last Half
Meet in Deep Cove at 7:30 am
Car­pool to Cleve­land Dam for an 8:00 am start
May 31 Cleve­land Dam to Cypress Return
Meet at Cleve­land Dam at 8:00 am

Glenn Pace