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Knee Knacker Route DNV-GIS 2013

Map notes:

  • This course map was cre­ated in 2013 by the Geo­graphic Infor­ma­tion Sys­tems depart­ment, Dis­trict of North Vancouver.
  • To down­load the map, click on the link and then right click the image from your browser and select the copy/download function.
  • Some data points in West Van­cou­ver were miss­ing when the map was made, so there are some route odd­i­ties, for exam­ple around Holly­burn Lodge.
  • The file is 6.2Mb.

Course map through Cypress Provin­cial Park

See the BC Parks PDF map here. The race starts at the park­ing lot off West­port Road, going north along Nelson Creek then north­west along Whyte Creek. The route then joins the Baden Powell trail and fol­lows it north­east through the park — follow the yellow dashed line — before ending up at Craig­mohr Drive where it con­tin­ues east (off the map).

Course map through Mt. Sey­mour Provin­cial Park

The red line denotes the race route as it goes through Mt. Sey­mour Provin­cial Park. (Map credit: BC Parks)

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