What's happening at Knee Knacker?

Joy after 30 miles. (Photo credit:  Mike Jones)

Race finisher photos from Mike Jones

‘Dead battery’ was a recurring theme at this year’s race – microphone, camera and timing clock. Luckily the timing mat had power but with no functioning timing clock, the first six finishers photos didn’t show a finishing time in the image....

Technical running on the Baden Powell. (Photo credit:  Salvador Miranda)

Race day photos from Salvador Miranda

Photographers have knarly injuries too.  Salvador slipped while taking a better position for fast approaching runners, scrapped his leg bloody and his camera lens hit a rock.  Leg will heal.  Camera lens not so lucky and now “limping”. Salvador Miranda (Knee...

Ascending the rock slab below Eagle Bluffs.

Race Day Photos from She Saw

The rock slab below Eagle Bluffs is one of the steep sections to Black Mountain. Thank you for your smiles as you nimbly traverse up this pitch.  Apologizes to Laura, Clive and Marc who missed their photo moment...

Finish line volunteers at work. (Photo credit: Veaw Cox)

Race Day Photos from Veaw Cox

Veaw Cox’s race day photos from Panorama Park (around the Finish Line area) are here. The Finishers photo gallery will be posted soon.  

Cresting Eagle Bluffs.  (Photo credit: Herman Kwong)

Race Day Photos from Herman Kwong

Spectacular views and enthuastic Knee Knackerers with a scattering of bugs summed up the experience on Eagle Bluffs on Race day. Herman Kwong (Knee Knacker veteran) race day photos from Eagle Bluffs are here. Note:  To ensure...