The race is lim­ited to two hun­dred and five (205) run­ners, so 270 will be selected in the race lot­tery from all reg­is­tered entries. Allow­ing for an attri­tion rate of approx­i­mately 24% prior to race day (con­sis­tent with past race expe­ri­ence), this will result in 205 run­ners on race day.

There are very few people who qual­ify for spe­cial con­sid­er­a­tion, and their entries must still be received by the entry dead­line. These are:

  • An orig­i­nal 8 race founder (1989)
  • Top over­all male & female in all pre­vi­ous KKN­STRs (1989–2013)
  • Run­ners who are going for their 10th or 20th KKNSTR finish
  • Pre­vi­ous KKNSTR race direc­tors (1989–2013)
  • Active Knee Knacker com­mit­tee mem­bers who have served 3 con­sec­u­tive years on the committee
  • Volunteers/runners who have con­tributed sig­nif­i­cantly to the race or the sport
  • Major spon­sor (1 spot)
  • Run­ners who applied for the lot­tery the past 2 con­sec­u­tive years (2012 & 2013), and were not selected in both of those years. This has been occa­sion­ally referred to as the “Two-Time Loser” rule, but we prefer to call it the “Third-Time winner” rule :)

Lot­tery results

The lot­tery will be held on March 3rd, 2014 and the results will be released in a live event via our Face­book group. After­wards, the com­plete offi­cial lot­tery results will be posted.