Fundraising Tips

Here are some easy tips to get you started with your fundraising:

  • Make it per­sonal. Approach your friends and family in a famil­iar way.
  • Talk about your goal. Tell your sup­port­ers why you’re rais­ing the money and run­ning the Knee Knacker.
  • Ask for a spe­cific amount. Men­tion the amount you’re hoping each person will donate.
  • Ask directly by saying things like “Please sup­port my run and make a dona­tion today!“Provide instruc­tions on how to donate, such as, “It’s easy to make a secure online tax-deductible dona­tion, just visit and search for a runner.” Alter­nately, pro­vide a direct link to your per­sonal page.
  • Add some Pro­file Text on your fundrais­ing page. People are nat­u­rally drawn to sto­ries and they’ll read what’s there. Make it pas­sion­ate and motivating!
  • Do you use email? Face­book? Twit­ter? Happy hours with friends? Then you can fundraise. It’s really as simple as find­ing a tool makes it com­fort­able for you to ask.
  • Our online fundrais­ing pro­gram allows you to send appeal emails to 10 friends and family at a time. Just login to your per­sonal page and click the “Email Friends & Family” link in the grey box on the right side of the page. How­ever, think about how your family and friends use the inter­net, and make sure you’re not skip­ping over some of your less-internet savvy sup­port­ers by rely­ing solely on email.
  • Follow up. Keep track of your dona­tions as they come in (and whom you’ve heard from), then follow up with folks over time. If your con­tact list is made up largely of tech savvy people, email can be a good way to follow up. Send it to every­one on your list. It will keep them reminded of your efforts.
  • Thank your donors! Always send a thank-you reply to every donor, no matter the dona­tion amount. You may also want to send some­thing to people after the run to share with them your expe­ri­ence in com­plet­ing the Knee Knack­er­ing North Shore Trail Run!