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Race Day Photos from Andrew Koenen:

Mos­quito Creek
Finish Line
Start Line Photos from Sue Shaw
Moun­tain High­way Photos from Brent Harvey
Lynn Creek Photos
LSCR Photos
Hyan­nis Sta­tion Photos from Sal­vador Miranda
Mt. Sey­mour Photos from Nigel Boeur
Finish Line Photos from Fran Bryant
More Finish Line Photos from Carol Brown
Par­tic­i­pant Photos from Ron Nicholl
Race Day Photos from Sylvia Jorger
Cypress, Cleve­land Dam, Finish Line Photos from Bettie Neels
Cleve­land Dam; Finish Line Photos from Lucinda Igle­sias
Ban­quet Photos from Karen Chow
Sey­mour River Photos from Enzo Fed­erico
Video Playlists from Enzo Fed­erico:

Start Line Videos (11 videos)
Holly­burn Videos (updated to 70 videos!)
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20th Anniver­sary Jackets
Work Party — May 31st
Train­ing Run — May 25th
Train­ing Run — May 18th

2007 Photos

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Holly­burn Photos
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Clev­e­land Dam and Finish Line photos of top 25 run­ners from Kyle Mitchell
Finish Line Photos
Race-Day Photos from Bettie Neels
Race-Day Photos from Colin Mills:

Cypress Bowl & Sey­mour Road
Extended Set (more run­ners represented)
Slideshows from Glenn Pace:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Mos­quito Hell (Cypress)
Enzo’s “Ultra­cam” Videos:

Ean Jack­son & John Hebron
Neil Wake­lin
Francine Hong, Dean Ash­down & Company
Kelsy Trigg, Paul Cubbon & Glenn Pace
Who’s on the start line today?
Inter­view with Peter Find­lay & Ron Nicholl
Inter­view with Tim Jones & Paul Quinn
Inter­view with Kevin Titus
Inter­view with Mark Bates
Inter­view with Harvey Nelsen
Race Start
Nelson Canyon
Black Moun­tain Heli-pad
Around and down the new Cypress Bowl trail

2006 Photos

The Start
First Quar­ter
Second Quar­ter
Third Quar­ter
The Finish
Var­i­ous loca­tions — taken by Paul Polizzi
Pic­tures from bridge work on new start (May 6)

2005 Photos

Var­i­ous loca­tions — taken by Mike Van Kuyk
Pic­ture links are now working!
Before the Start
The Start
First Quar­ter
Second Quar­ter
Indian River Road — taken by Don Scott
The Finish
Train­ing Run Pic­ture — June 19

2004 Photos

Train­ing Run Pic­tures — June 27

2003 Photos

Mis­cel­la­neous by Colleen Dixon
Trail Work Party Pic­tures — June 7
Train­ing Run Pic­tures — May 11

2002 Photos

Mis­cel­la­neous by Art Prufer
Mis­cel­la­neous by race par­tic­i­pant Ron Nicholl

2001 Photos

Mis­cel­la­neous by race par­tic­i­pant Ron Nicholl
Cleve­land Dam & The Finish by Charles Dobbs

Y2K Photos

The Start

1999 Photos

Don’t be fooled by all the snow in the pic­tures you will find in the links below. While the trail was mostly snow-covered from miles 4 to 10, this was a truly excep­tional year. Based on pre­vi­ous race his­tory, there is about a 50% chance of absolutely no snow on the course by race day. In all other years, there have only been small patches of snow in the high coun­try above 3,500 feet.

First 10 miles, by race par­tic­i­pant Mike Bjelos
Holly­burn Moun­tain (mile 10.2), by Darren Lauscher