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20th Anniversary Jackets
Work Party — May 31st
Training Run — May 25th
Training Run — May 18th

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Cypress Bowl & Seymour Road
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Mosquito Hell (Cypress)
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Ean Jackson & John Hebron
Neil Wakelin
Francine Hong, Dean Ashdown & Company
Kelsy Trigg, Paul Cubbon & Glenn Pace
Who’s on the start line today?
Interview with Peter Findlay & Ron Nicholl
Interview with Tim Jones & Paul Quinn
Interview with Kevin Titus
Interview with Mark Bates
Interview with Harvey Nelsen
Race Start
Nelson Canyon
Black Mountain Heli-pad
Around and down the new Cypress Bowl trail

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The Start
First Quarter
Second Quarter
Third Quarter
The Finish
Various locations – taken by Paul Polizzi
Pictures from bridge work on new start (May 6)

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Various locations – taken by Mike Van Kuyk
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Before the Start
The Start
First Quarter
Second Quarter
Indian River Road – taken by Don Scott
The Finish
Training Run Picture – June 19

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Training Run Pictures – June 27

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Miscellaneous by Colleen Dixon
Trail Work Party Pictures – June 7
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Cleveland Dam & The Finish by Charles Dobbs

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Don’t be fooled by all the snow in the pictures you will find in the links below. While the trail was mostly snow-covered from miles 4 to 10, this was a truly exceptional year. Based on previous race history, there is about a 50% chance of absolutely no snow on the course by race day. In all other years, there have only been small patches of snow in the high country above 3,500 feet.

First 10 miles, by race participant Mike Bjelos
Hollyburn Mountain (mile 10.2), by Darren Lauscher