Trail elves at work (it never ends!)

Ever wonder what Santa’s Elves do in their off season?… and how they pass the summer? Well they make them­selves mod­er­ately useful by keep­ing the North Shore trails clear of
downed trees and branches! Have a look-see at some of their hand­i­work from near Nelson Creek, on the ini­tial sec­tion of the Knee Knacker route :)

Mark Grist

Morn­ing attire. Photo by Mark Grist

Luck­ily this part of the trail is far away from any houses and the high­way noise drowns out all sounds of a large chain­saw. Photo by Mark Grist.

We could have left the tree in place and then watch the fun unfold on race morn­ing. But we’re just too respon­si­ble to let that happen. Besides, the rest of the trail is tough enough! Photo by Mark Grist

Trail update — situation near Start line and Glenmore Drive

Just over a week away from Race Day and there are some sur­prises on the Baden Powell Trail which we’re work­ing on:

  • A big tree is down on the trail about 20 min­utes from the start line, a few min­utes past the foot­bridge. We’re hoping to remove it tomorrow.
  • There is major con­struc­tion on the trail near Glen­more Drive (West Van). We’re work­ing with BC Hydro and the Dis­trict of West Van­cou­ver to make sure it’s safe for you on race day.

Many thanks to every­one for telling us about these problems!

June 8 — Trail Maintenance Day Photos — They built

This is the twen­ti­eth year of Knee Knacker Trail Main­te­nance Day.  A new board­walk was built and trail drainage was improved on the Baden Powell Trail east of Hyan­nis Drive. Check out the photos from:

The Trail Elves (miss­ing a few elves):

Trail Elves for the 20th Anniver­sary of KKNSTR Trail Day

Help us go Green at Aid Stations


In our efforts to reduce waste, please try to reuse the paper cups at the aid sta­tions. If you have Coke or a sports drink, please ask the aid sta­tion vol­un­teer to refill your cup again. This will help us with:

  • less garbage creation;
  • less clean-up;
  • elim­i­nate the chance for a used cup to be left in the bush of a favorite local trail;
  • less work for the amaz­ing volunteers!

You are part of a pos­i­tive move­ment to change how we inter­act with a run­ning event and even the planet. Thank you.

Little changes can have big effects

Julie Flynn