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2014 Knee Knacker Trail Elves

Knee Knacker at work

We carried stuff. We hammered stuff. We critiqued everyone’s hammering technique. We looked for rocks. We dug. We tested. We found lost racers. We drank coffee and ate muffins. We built stuff! Yes, it...

Knee Knacker Trail Elves - A seriously fun and hard working crew!

Trail elves needed for June 21 Trail Day

You’re running on the Baden Powell when you stumble into a group of people moving dirt and rocks, digging trenches, carrying lumber, whistling, and eating muffins and drinking coffee. Are they: constructing a tree...

Trail elves at work (it never ends!)

Trail elves at work (it never ends!)

Ever wonder what Santa’s Elves do in their off season?… and how they pass the summer? Well they make themselves moderately useful by keeping the North Shore trails clear of downed trees and branches!...