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Map and compass to Cleveland Aid Station

Indiana Jones and the lost race map

Some people have asked if we could publish our complete race-route map again. The race map was created for our 25th anniversary and, for a brief time, was available for viewing and downloading from the website....

2015 lottery night

2015 lottery results

The 2015 lottery results are available on the website for selected runners and runners who weren’t selected. Note: The lottery results will also be posted at UltraSignup in the next few days after the billing...

Morning, 2014 at Panorama Park

2014 race results

We’re more than numbers but numbers are still important, so click here to see the overall 2014 race results. Summary statistics for all years will be posted later.

Knee Knacker 2014, minutes before the start.

Same time, next year?

It’s all done and over for 2014. Congratulations to all runners and volunteers, you were awesome! Many, many thanks to the North Shore Rescue team which came to support the runners (and provide air support...