Early season trail condition report: Hollyburn Chute

The Holly­burn Chute sec­tion of the Baden Powell is in great shape this year. After inspect­ing it today, we can report that it’s basi­cally snow free, save for a few short patches south of the Blue Gen­tian Lake trail junc­tion. North of the junc­tion, there’s still con­tin­u­ous snow about 60cm-90cm deep. And unlike last year when people were doing con­tor­tions through all the blow­downs, this year the area is free of downed trees. Let your train­ing begin!

Baden Powell Trail condition, April 11, 2014 near the Blue Gentian Lake junction.

Baden Powell Trail con­di­tion, April 11, 2014 near the Blue Gen­tian Lake junction.


The Baden Powell Memorial Connector Project

Sev­eral people have asked if the Knee Knacker is involved with the Baden Powell Memo­r­ial Con­nec­tor project. We fully sup­port the project’s goal to create a new sec­tion of trail to bypass Indian River Road, but the race is not offi­cially involved with the project. If you’d like to sup­port the Baden Powell Memo­r­ial Con­nec­tor project, go to http://bpmemorialconnector.com/

How to track tonight’s race lottery results

There’s more ner­vous­ness and excite­ment with tonight’s race lot­tery results than the Oscar’s Best Pic­ture cat­e­gory. But how can you keep up with the results? First, gather your family and friends. These are the folks who–win or lose–you’ll need for sup­port. Second, grab some snacks and your favourite bev­er­age. (Add bev­er­ages as required.) Third, start­ing at 8pm, huddle around your com­puter or mobile device where you can:

  • Go to our Face­book com­mu­nity page to see the live results, or
  • If you’re not on Face­book (gasp!), visit our Lot­tery Results page and click your browser’s refresh button peri­od­i­cally to dis­play the latest results.

Good luck to everyone!

Tribute to Tim Jones

When I think of Tim, my heart is filled with immense grat­i­tude. Tim’s legacy is already being seen in the out­pour­ing of love and respect from people whose lives he touched with his gen­eros­ity, skill, lead­er­ship and care. On behalf of the Knee Knacker com­mu­nity, our thoughts go out to Tim’s family, his friends and North Shore Rescue.

North Shore Rescue, under Tim’s lead­er­ship, has been an inte­gral part of Knee Knacker for over 15 years. Runner safety is our utmost con­cern and having Tim’s exper­tise on our orga­niz­ing com­mit­tee was a source of pride for us. Every year, Tim and his amaz­ing crew met us at the crack of dawn to begin the excit­ing jour­ney of get­ting 200+ run­ners safely over 30 miles to the finish line. As Race Direc­tor, I took great com­fort in know­ing we were as pre­pared as we could be, and as a runner, I felt safe through­out the day.

At Knee Knacker 2012, Tim was plan­ning on stop­ping by the evening ban­quet to accept our thanks. At 8:03pm, we received a text saying, “Curtis & Bruce on the way… guess where I am” with a photo from within the rescue heli­copter with a view of the Lions. Tim had spent the whole day with his team and our race, and didn’t miss a beat when he was called out.

Thank you Tim. We miss you.

Kelsy Trigg,
Race Director

Tim Jones: husband and father. Friend. BC Ambulance Service. North Shore Rescue.

Tim Jones: hus­band, father, friend, col­league, leader. Giving back immea­sur­ably with the BC Ambu­lance Ser­vice and North Shore Rescue.