Can you walk on mud?

We didn’t have time to finish every­thing, but what we did finish will keep you from get­ting sucked into a bog next year. Yes, there are new bog bridges on Black Moun­tain, cour­tesy of the trail work party on Sep­tem­ber 15. To see what hap­pened on that won­der­fully sunny day, here are some photos by Enzo and Andrew. (And to answer the ques­tion: yes, you can walk on mud…as long as there’s a bridge over it!)

Enzo’s photos
Andrew’s photos

Trail elves: Enzo Fed­erico, Patri­cia Jensen, David Jensen, Hannah Jensen, Bruce McArthur (Friends of Cypress Provin­cial Park), Jan Snow, Rob Wilson (BC Parks), Andrew Wong, Jeff Young (BC Parks)

September 15 Black Mt. Trail Day details

Six vol­un­teers. That’s all we need for the Saturday, September 15 trail day at Cypress Provin­cial Park, where we’ll work with BC Parks to build board­walks and make trail repairs in the Black Mt. area. The group will be split into two crews to cover the mul­ti­ple sites that BC Parks has iden­ti­fied for repairs and upgrades.

The work­day will be 9am-3pm (approx.) No spe­cial skills are needed for this event, just enthu­si­asm — no matter what the weather!

Please RSVP to Andrew by Friday, Sep­tem­ber 14.

[Sep­tem­ber 13 update: One spot has opened up for this Saturday’s work party!]