More Race Day Photos

Here are our last set of race photos:

  • From var­i­ous pho­tog­ra­phers:  Some of the 250+ Knee Knacker Vol­un­teers making it happen on race day
  • From Karen Chow, slo-mo photos from Knee Knack­er­ing in the Snow.  When view­ing these photos, you should use the ‘Slideshow’ set­ting at its fastest pos­si­ble speed for the best expe­ri­ence as the images are orga­nized in motion-capture like sequences. Enjoy!
  • From Andrew Wong, photos from Jun 19 Train­ing Run at Nelson Canyon Park.   The Run­ners’ wave.

Thank you run­ners and vol­un­teers!  Until next year.

Vol­un­teer Knee Knacker Pho­tog­ra­phy Team

More Race Day Photos from “She saw”

It is ille­gal to drive and talk on a cell phone in BC.  After what hap­pened during the Sey­mour Grind photo shoot, I am extend­ing this ban to include cam­eras too. 

  1. While wait­ing for the first runner to come though, London Drugs called to con­firm the photo order. While on the phone, Aaron Heidt came flying by. Throw­ing the phone down, I turned on the camera, pointed it at the fast moving runner and hoped the focus was pre-set. Nope.
  2. I phoned Dave, the Indian River Road pho­tog­ra­pher, to let him know that Aaron just flew past. While Dave described his route find­ing episode to Eagle Bluffs ear­lier that morn­ing, Adam Camp­bell came flying by.   Yeah, cell phone in left hand, camera in right hand. Time to put cell phone away.

Lesson: cell phone + camera + really fast run­ners = guar­an­teed fuzzy photos.     :(

Here is another set of Karen Chow’s Race Day photos from Mount Sey­mour.