Oops, we goofed!

Both Glenn and I thought the other one would be out for today’s run.…  Well, as you noticed, nei­ther of us showed up and we sin­cerely apol­o­gize! We hope that your run went smoothly and you were all able to make it through with­out too many adventures!

Next week, we will be meet­ing in Deep Cove at 7:30 am  in Panorama park­ing lot to shut­tle to Lynn Canyon Park. We are doing the last quar­ter of the Baden Powell. This is our final offi­cial train­ing run until race day.

Have a rest­ful and healthy week,

Glenn and Patri­cia (He said, she said)

Aid stations: beacons of light, food and water

Aid sta­tions are won­der­ful places. After spend­ing hours on the trail, an aid sta­tion is a haven of peace, secu­rity, sustenance.

A spe­cial thank you to the aid sta­tion cap­tains and vol­un­teers as they give their time and energy to help each of you have a safe, fun and suc­cess­ful race. Please click here to view the full aid sta­tion menu.

Julie Flynn, Aid Sta­tion Coordinator

I said…

[June 12 train­ing run report by Glenn. Patri­cia was off on a family day.]

It’s a battle of Calo­ries.” - Karl Jensen, ultrarunner/guru

A per­fect day for trail run­ning with 70 of my best-est under-dressed friends!!! The sun was coming out, the trails were rel­a­tively dry, & there would be the pos­si­bil­ity of dough­nuts at the end of it all. Con­tinue read­ing