Training run this Sunday!

Meet some of your fellow run­ners at the first offi­cial train­ing run this Sunday, May 1. (For the entire train­ing run sched­ule, click here.) Chat, run, have fun and ignore all the fresh snow that fell on the North Shore moun­tains last night!

Food, food, food!

As a newbie on the Knee Knacker Race Com­mit­tee, I am delighted to announce that the ban­quet menu has been final­ized.  As in pre­vi­ous years, Tommy’s Cater­ing will be pro­vid­ing us with their excel­lent ser­vice and deli­cious food. This year’s menu includes three dif­fer­ent salads, bar­be­qued chicken, veg­e­tar­ian options and veg­eta­bles. I’m sure all run­ners will leave the ban­quet sat­is­fied and delighted with the meal! I look for­ward to pro­vid­ing you with a won­der­ful ban­quet dinner on July 9!

Bev McKenna


Fast-mo in slo-mo

As a blast-from-the-past, Karen Chow posted her final set of 2010 race pho­tographs from the Holly­burn Chute and Deep Cove sec­tions of the race route. When view­ing the photos, you should use the ‘Slideshow’ set­ting at its fastest pos­si­ble speed for the best expe­ri­ence as the images are orga­nized in motion-capture like sequences. Enjoy!