KKNSTR 2010 Update — May 29

Hello fellow trail runners!

Well, the count­down is offi­cially on… Lot­tery night is com­plete, train­ing runs have started and plans are well under­way for Knee Knacker 2010!  We are 1 month, 11 days and 6 hours away from KKNSTR 2010 start :)

Fol­low­ing are sev­eral impor­tant updates and links to info.  Please check back to the site reg­u­larly as updates will con­tinue to increase as we lead up to race day.


Please note the train­ing run change for TOMORROW’s run.  Meet­ing point is the Lynn Canyon Sus­pen­sion bridge at 7:30am for a car shut­tle to Cleve­land Dam.  Check out the train­ing run page for all the details.  Do remem­ber to bring an extra layer — with the crazy cold, wet weather we’re having right now, it’s far too easy to get caught with­out enough.  And if you’re inter­ested in seeing the folks who braved last week’s train­ing run, check out Karen Chow’s train­ing run pics.


We have over 200 amaz­ing vol­un­teers each year.  If you have friends or family mem­bers that would like to be a part of the run, please con­tact Bonnie Walm­s­ley through our feed­back form.


This year’s trail work party will be on June 5th.  Check out the link for all the info & please RSVP to Andrew Wong.


We love to hear from you — com­ments, ques­tions or feed­back.  Please be in touch through rd (at) kneeknacker.com or our con­tact page.

Happy Train­ing,
Kelsy Trigg
KKNSTR 2010 Race Direc­tor

Trail Work Party — Sat. May 29

This request came from Peter at North Shore Athletics:

Graham Knell of the Dis­trict of North Van­cou­ver just dropped us a line because of a can­cel­la­tion in a trail main­te­nance crew. He is hoping that we can step up and get another group out.

So please respond ASAP if you can come out on Sat­ur­day morn­ing and put in up to 4 hours of your time. We will be meet­ing at 9am. Loca­tion will be announced once I con­firm the number of participants.

*** Con­tact peter@northshoreathletics.com or call 604–990-6888 ***

Training Run — May 23, 2010

Imag­ine turn­ing on the cold water & stand­ing in your shower for the better part of 3 hours. Add some ice cubes on the shower floor & set your bath­room fan on it’s “turbo” set­ting. Short of invit­ing about 45 bud­dies to join you for this chill-fest,  you’ll start to get an idea of what Sun­days train­ing run felt like.

In the 9 years that I’ve par­tic­i­pated in these train­ing runs, I can easily say that this is at the top of the list of epic train­ing days. (See Karen Chow’s pic­tures from the day here)

When the group met at the Cleve­land Dam park­ing area, we started out under dark skies, but the pre­cip­i­ta­tion was fairly limited….but it didn’t wait for long. It seemed to start as we crossed the dam & it was relent­less. If the Inuit have 200 words for “snow”, I’m sure we have just as many for the rain we saw on Sunday……showers, driz­zle, deluge, rain, spit, mist, & sleet!! There were, of course, a few other words….none of which should be repeated here.

The climb up through the British Prop­er­ties & into the forest kept most people warm. The rain­for­est canopy did a decent job of keep­ing the rain away….or at least min­i­miz­ing it….but as we climbed the Holly­burn Chute, the air got cooler.

At the top of the Chute, it was down­right cold & the tree canopy gave way to open skies as we wended onto the cross coun­try ski trails. No sooner were we on this wide path­way that we were on com­pacted sloppy mashed potato type snow (do the Inuit use “mashed pota­toes” in their snow verbage? …that’d be 201 words).  The con­di­tions made it feel like a walk at the beach….a beach in the Outer Hebrides, perhaps….but the snow made for some extra work as we climbed towards Holly­burn Peak. I couldn’t help but think back to last year, on this very same run, when sun­burn was the biggest con­cern. Today, we were look­ing at numb fin­gers, & cold soaked skin.

Many people opted to turn around early. Some headed back to the warmth of the lower climes, others took an alter­nate cir­cuit that allowed for some qual­ity train­ing miles on clear trails. I turned around at the base of the Holly­burn Peak headwall….I couldn’t feel my fin­gers despite my gloves & fig­ured that there wouldn’t be any­thing more to gain.

On the descent, there were a couple of surprises….sharing an umbrella on the forested sin­gle­track above the British Prop­er­ties, Karen & Andrew were brav­ing the rain to take some photos of our epic effort. Look for their photos in an upcom­ing link.

Back at the park­ing lot, many people had brought a change of clothes & made haste in get­ting out of their soaked garb & headed home for hot show­ers or hot food….or both.

Fun times!

Glenn Pace

Impor­tant notice!

Next week’s planned run was to cover the last ½ of the Knee Knacker course. Due to a con­cur­rent event, park­ing in the Deep Cove area will be very lim­ited so we are chang­ing our meet­ing plans slightly.

Instead of meet­ing in Deep Cove for the car­pool, we will meet at the Lynn Canyon Sus­pen­sion Bridge park­ing lot at 7:30am. The park­ing lot gate should be open at 7:00am. We will car­pool to Cleve­land Dam from there.

The train­ing run route will change to accom­mo­date our meet­ing area.

We will still start the run at Cleve­land Dam, but instead of going to Deep Cove, we will turn up the trail above the Varley Trail & head up Lynn Head­wa­ters. At this point we will have a couple of options.

Option 1: run up Lynn Head­wa­ters trail to the Debris Chute, then turn up & run back along the Head­wa­ter Loop trail  & back to Lynn Canyon Sus­pen­sion Bridge.

Option 2: run up Lynn Head­wa­ters trail passed the Debris Chute to Norvan Falls, then return to Lynn Canyon Sus­pen­sion Bridge (those that feel the need to earn extra-manliness points, can also include the Lynn Loop route above the Debris Chute).

Trail Work Party — Sat. June 5

Hi, every­one!

This year’s Knee Knacker Trail Work Party on Sat­ur­day, June 5 will take place on the Baden Powell trail near Hyan­nis Drive in the Blueridge area (see map below). We’ll be work­ing under the guid­ance of Graham Knell, North Van­cou­ver Dis­trict Trail and Habi­tat Coor­di­na­tor. You don’t need any spe­cial skills to help on Trail Day, just a will­ing­ness to improve the trails that we all enjoy!

Meet­ing Place and Time

  • We’ll meet near the BP trail at Hyan­nis Drive and Berkley Avenue in North Van­cou­ver. (From Mt. Sey­mour Park­way, turn north onto Berkley Road. Con­tinue to the end of the road and turn left at Hyan­nis Drive. See also the map below.)
  • Arrive between 8:30am-9am to sign in, get a brief ori­en­ta­tion, and enjoy some muffins and coffee cour­tesy of spon­sor Delany’s Coffee House.
  • If you arrive late and we’re already gone, follow the pink flag­ging tape that will direct you to the worksite.

Things to Bring/What to Wear

  • Wear clothes that you don’t mind get­ting (poten­tially) mucky!
  • Work gloves and tools will be pro­vided by the Dis­trict, although you’re wel­come to bring your own.
  • Water and a light lunch/ snacks are a good idea to keep you going.


Please RSVP via the <feed­back form/contact trail day co-ordinator email> by noon, Friday, June 4.  Although you’re very wel­come to come and help at the last minute, a RSVP will help me plan the good­ies and orga­nize the amount of work we can do on the trail.

Spe­cial Note to Chain­saw Operators

Do you have a chain­saw? If so, let me know as we could use your help. (Graham said it would be useful to have one chain­saw oper­a­tor onsite.) For safety and lia­bil­ity rea­sons, you must have wear proper safety gear (face shield, etc).

Hope to see you there, and thank you for volunteering!

Andrew Wong,

Knee Knacker 2010 Trail Work Party Co-ordinator