Website changes underway

The Knee Knacker web­site is under­go­ing renovations. During the next few weeks you may see the web­site change mul­ti­ple times. The con­tent will stay the same but we’re improv­ing the nav­i­ga­tion, typog­ra­phy, and pre­sen­ta­tion, espe­cially for mobile users. The last time we changed the web­site was in early 2012 which is, in Inter­net terms, ancient his­tory. The site is “live” all the time, so we’ll do most of the con­struc­tion late at night to min­i­mize dis­rup­tions to you. Just watch out for the dust and over­hang­ing wires!photo-1

Knee Knacker Training Runs

Can you believe it? Apart from the high­est points on Black Moun­tain, the Baden-Powell trail is mostly snow-free and call­ing on the Knee Knacker for excited trail run­ners already. What per­fect timing. Our weekly train­ing runs begin in a few short weeks on Sunday, May 4th. Your base might be ter­rific right now and you might already be look­ing for a new pair of shoes, but we encour­age you to join the train­ing runs. If not to enjoy the fab­u­lous ben­e­fits of a grad­u­ated pro­gram, come get better acquainted with the course and the other fine folks you’ll be run­ning with on July 12th. After all, know­ing the course and keep­ing friends out there will be your great­est asset on race day. And if you need one more reason, it’s FUN!

On a more seri­ous note, every year one or two run­ners find them­selves under-prepared and in a less than happy place. With such close prox­im­ity to the city of Van­cou­ver it is easy to feel like you’re not far from home. You are! The Baden-Powell trail is stun­ning and beau­ti­ful but runs through some farely remote areas where the weather can change quickly so bring­ing the neces­si­ties is absolutely crit­i­cal. Although the dis­tances are sim­i­lar to marathon train­ing runs, Knee Knacker runs are not your aver­age train­ing runs. An expe­ri­enced ultra runner will always have water, food, a whis­tle, cell phone, kleenex, band aids for blis­ters, a hat, a light jacket and gloves, stowed away in a small, light back pack. It is in your best inter­est, as well as the groups, to come prepared.

Finally, even though your dog is the cutest, smartest, fastest, most expe­ri­enced trail dog of all time, we’d prefer it if you ran with him/her another time. For some run­ners, a zig-zagging, bark­ing dog is the last obsta­cle they need on a tough train­ing day. Thanks.

Please take a look at the TRAINING RUNS  cal­en­dar on our web­site and plan to be there. It really is one of the last and best FREE things you can do in Van­cou­ver (if you’re a crazy ultra runner).

See you on May 4th at the base of Grouse Mountain!

- Tom Craik

High Resolution Map of the Kneeknacker Course (and most of the North Shore)

DNV 2013 GIS screen shot

For all the map-nerds out there (and their hus­bands, too)…

Just in case if you missed it last year, or if it’s new to you this year, the Dis­trict of North Van­cou­ver GIS depart­ment kindly pro­duced a superb map show­ing not only the Kneek­nacker course along the Baden-Powell trail, but also the loca­tion of the 11 offi­cial aid stations.

The sneak-peak view is above, but for greater detail you can zoom right in if you click here to down­load the 6.2 Mb file.


Welcome Back Captains!!!

We would like to thank and wel­come back a fab­u­lous group of vol­un­teers - the aid sta­tion cap­tains — and extend a spe­cial wel­come to our new Black Moun­tain Cap­tain, Nathan Barrett. Your Kneek­nacker expe­ri­ence would not be the same with out them and their amaz­ing crew. Here’s where you can find them on race day:

  • Nathan Bar­rett — Black  Mountain
  • David Mont­gomery —  Cypress
  • Robyn Rennie — Hollyburn
  • Sibylle Tinsel — Cleveland Dam
  • Nicki Decloux — Skyline Drive
  • Diane Camp­bell — Mountain Highway
  • Suzanne Pearce — LSCR
  • Jacquie Boyer — Lillooet Rd
  • Patri­cia Love — Hyan­nis Drive
  • Chris Lee — Sey­mour Rd
  • Lind­say Wake­lin — Panorama Park
Thanks again,
- Julie Flynn