What's happening at Knee Knacker?


North Shore Trails and CMHC

The Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run has been a part of the North Shore community since 1989 and we plan to be a source of inspiration to trail runners, sponsors and volunteers for...

Enzo, Harvey, and Kelsy after Harvey's 5th Knee Knacker finish in 2005 at age of 71

RIP Harvey Nelsen, aka “Rambo”

The Knee Knacker extended “family” lost one of its cherished members on July 26, with the passing of Harvey Nelsen. Harvey was just shy of turning 83 this fall, and had completed our tough...

Photos by Salvador Miranda, Hilary Matheson and VFK.

2016 Knee Knacker Race Volunteers

This is the last set of 2016 Race Day photos. It’s a photo gallery of some of the 250 Knee Knacker volunteers as they: Whisked a cauldron of elixirs on Black Mountain; Cast magical spells to...